Our Goal

Our Project Goals:

> Reduce environmental and ocean pollution by recycling post-consumer waste plastics and packaging materials from landfills into eco-friendly building materials.

> Reduce slum proliferation by providing affordable building materials.

> Curb deforestation by providing alternative products in replacement of clay.

> Providing an urban waste management solution for a cleaner and healthier environment.

> Reduce the effects of climate change, by reducing deforestation we conserve our forests which helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere hence mitigating climate change.

> Create job opportunities for youths and women in marginalized communities

Our Solution to the Plastic Waste Problem

In order to clean up the cities and communities of their plastic waste, we have established a stable and profitable company and tackle the problem of waste pollution at the point of generation by attaching social, environmental, and economic value to plastic waste.

We collect waste plastics from the streets and landfills, we also allow the community to exchange their waste plastics with medical insurance coverage, this helps us to collect enough waste plastics to manufacture plastic bricks and blocks, this has helped us a lot to change the community’s attitude towards waste management.

The business strategy is to create economic value on plastic at the points of generation to enable Individuals, households, and companies to sort and sell plastics in order to earn income. In this way, no plastic will find its way onto the street. The plastics will be transformed into more durable plastic bricks and blocks.

To achieve these, we have established zones. Every zone have collection points to which we engage youth and women groups to facilitate collection and delivery of plastics to our company.

Plastic bricks and blocks

The bricks and blocks manufactured will be square, 2 – 4 inches’ cross-section with variable thickness. They do not rot, are termite resistant, outlast concrete and clay in the application, are 2 times stronger and can be cut, drilled, and nailed as easily as conventional blocks and bricks, and comes in a variety of colors.

Currently, Ecomak has a wide range of exotic shapes that are good for decorative purposes.

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