Ecomak Recyclers is a social enterprise that recycles waste into eco-friendly products that can be reused by the communities. Ecomak works with thousands of community members in the Kyaka II refugee settlement.


To build eco-friendly products solving waste pollution, poverty and unemployment while mitigating climate change and creating jobs for marginalized women and youths.

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Ecomak was founded in mid-2020 as a leader in recovering and reuse of recyclable waste in Kyaka II refugee settlement, Uganda.

Our objectives are to improve waste management across the refugee settlement, encourage local Businesses to a more sustainable lifestyle, and promote a circular economy. As of to-date we collect and recycle over 10 tons of waste per month and we are now taking a step forward. Our upcoming ultimate goal is to be the leading company in Uganda to recycle & transform the locally mass volume of collected waste into finished products.

Well, we recycle for generations!

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When we recycle; we conserve resources, save energy and help to protect the environment: As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.


Ecomak has created over 100 jobs for underserved women and youths in the communities of Kyaka II refugee settlement. Thus contributing to a local circular economy.


Ecomak has launched waste collection centres in communities, enabling each & every community member to be more conscious of the importance of recycling & contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

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